Club Trip to Rockliffe Hall 2017

Club Trip to Rockliffe Hall


Team Result

Captain + Vice Captain 480 pts

Pro + President 460 pts

Best Pairs

1st Andrew Todd + Dennis Longstaff 45 pts

2nd Peter Scott + Paul Leonard 42 pts

3rd Tom Dolan + Neil Todd 41 pts

Best Front 9 (not including 3 overall winners)

Ian Mallet + Ron Wilkinson 23 pts

Best Back9 (not including 3 overall winners)

Geoff Nightscale + Ed Cody 22 pts

Nearest the Pins

2nd Colin Hill

5th Steve Wood (very close!!)

12th Ed Cody

15th Sharon Mannion

Thanks to everyone in making this an enjoyable day out and evening back at Teesside.

Gordon Milestone Captain 2017