Course Winter Protection Mats

Course Winter Protection Mats



With affect from Saturday 2nd December 2017, until further notice, MATS MUST BE USED ACROSS THE WHOLE OF THE COURSE AND NOT JUST FAIRWAYS/CUT GRASS.

This is because the course is extremely wet and this will protect the surface of the course and also, over the winter period due to grass-cutting restrictions, the fairways and cut grass areas are cannot be clearly defined.

Mats should not be used in bunkers, on the tee boxes in play or the greens, except where a ball lands on an original tee box when winter tees are in play then the shot must be played off a mat.

The mat should be placed as near to the position that your ball lays and no other advantage should be taken. The mat may be secured by the use of a tee, or similar, but the ball MUST NOT be played off a tee on the mat. The mat MUST NOT be secured in a way that an advantage, such as a raised area on the mat or to avoid an obstruction or hazard, is achieved.

If the ball lies in a position on an incline, such that when placing on the mat, the ball continuously rolls off the mat, the mat may be moved to the nearest position, no closer to the hole and giving no significant advantage from an obstruction or hazard, where the ball can be placed on the mat without rolling off.

Any breach of this rule will result in a penalty and persistent breach will result in disqualification or a ban from Competitions. We would ask all players to comply with this rule and remind and report offenders.

Please use a mat of reasonable size, as supplied by our Club Professional for £3.00, but if you choose to use a different size mat, the ball must be placed on the mat that relates to the position of the ball in its original lie.

Your understanding and compliance is much appreciated.

Greens and Competitions Chairmen (2017)

Steve Charnock & John Taylor