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A Message from the 2017 Captain

Mr Gordon Milestone

When I joined Teesside Golf Club as a junior back in the 70’s the thought of becoming club captain was something I never thought of. In those days captains had an aura of power and control and seemed unapproachable – certainly to a new young member as I was. When Paddy Mannion asked me to consider following him as captain I was somewhat taken a back, but after considering the opportunity with my wife was pleased and privilege to accept the role.  Thank you Paddy.

It is a strange feeling at the AGM when your name comes up for election as captain; could I be the first not to get a vote of confidence? Thankfully that did not happen and you the members of Teesside Golf Club elected me to represent Teesside Golf Club for 2017. During the year I will endeavour to meet and have a game with as many members as possible.  So if you fancy a game please let me know and we will try to arrange a time.

Having been on committee for a few years I know at times it can be a thankless task but the team we have on committee are fully dedicated to serve the club and give a lot of their valuable free time to the club. A helping hand is always welcome and if you would like to help in any way please contact either me or any member of the committee.

This year I have chosen 2 charities to support which are the Butterwick Hospice Stockton and the Trinity Holistic Centre at James Cook. Over the years the club has supported a number of different charities and the generosity of members is fantastic and I am sure you will come up trumps yet again. And don’t forget the 50p if you venture in to the Captains bunker on the 18th, every little helps!

All successful golf clubs rely on having a great course to play on. We all know that our course is one of the best in the summer months but my wish and focus is to try and extend our playing season and make “winter golf” a more pleasurable and meaningful experience.

It always amazes me how well you the members support the club golf competitions, both at weekends and during the week. Competitive golf is clearly what people like.

During the year a number of functions are held and it would be great to see some new faces. Sometimes people seem “put off” by golf club functions. But trust me those who come along always have a good time, and the food is well…just excellent. On that note Ian and Sharon Wood and their staff now run a 5 star restaurant. If you’ve not tried the food you are in for a pleasant surprise.

One of the big changes in the club since I joined is the importance of club sponsors. Through their kind generosity the club are able to carry out some of the “nice to have’s”. Thank you to all our sponsors and I hope you are able to continue your relationship with the club. To our members please try and support our club sponsors in any way you can, even a small thank you I am sure will be much appreciated.

I would like to wish our Lady Captain Sue Beckman and Junior Captain Robert Hillier every success in their year of office and I look forward to being able to support their events throughout the year.

Choice of Vice Captain is probably one of the hardest decisions to make.  However, I had no hesitation in asking Andy Todd to take up the role. Andy and his wife are great supporters of the club both on and off the course and I am sure will be a great asset to the club. Enjoy your year as Vice Captain Andy, it will soon pass and you can have a go with the infamous “Pink Driver”.

Finally to all the members of Teesside Golf Club I hope you have a great year, happy golfing and I hope to see you on the course or in the clubhouse.


Gordon Milestone

Captain Teesside Golf Club 2017